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EllyMental Background

My name is Elly and I started EllyMental Jewellery back in 2012 from my home in Cardiff, Wales. Over the years it has changed, developed and become more colourful!


EllyMental jewellery has been described as 'wonderfully whimsical' and 'wearable art' by customers and I think that sounds about right! All my pieces are based on things I love; animals and creatures of all kinds from bees to dinosaurs, literature, song lyrics, flowers and mermaids. I do love David Bowie too and you'll see references to him from time to time. I also love idea suggestions for new pieces from my customers, so please get in touch!

My jewellery is entirely handmade, I use good old fashioned scissors and glue throughout the process! Scissors and glue aside, my jewellery is made from recycled thai papers, brushed on resin (many coats) and recycled metal.

In simple terms my creative process is: draw, draw some more, alter, add some words, paint, glue, layer metal, wrap paper and resin coat. It's a pretty unique process and one that has evolved over time and probably started brewing when I completed my Contemporary Textile degree in 2005.


Please get in touch if you are a Gallery or shop that would like to stock my jewellery at:

Thankyou! Everyone else please visit my shop!

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